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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lowassa to Juma Nkamia: Reconcile with the media

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence, Mr Edward Lowassa, has urged the ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports to settle its recent misunderstanding with media practitioners in the country.

Mr Lowassa said this yesterday when his committee was bidding farewell to Kondoa South Member of Parliament, Mr Juma Nkamia (CCM), who was recently appointed deputy minister for Information, Culture, Youth and Sports.

Mr Lowassa said it was not fair for the ministry, which is custodian of the media in the country, to be blacklisted by the same industry.

“Please, you should sit down with media practitioners and discuss your differences. Both you and the media should compromise because no one has monopoly rights to this country,” said Mr Lowassa. He also urged the ministry to make sure that the new Information and Media Bill is tabled in Parliament as soon as possible.
SOURCE: The Citizen/Tanzania

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