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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What are Californians saying about Sydney Wilhelm Gidabuday's running?

17yrs old Sydney Gidabuday of El Modena HS won the Peter's Canyon Trail Race last night, after an impressive win at the Anaheim Downtown 5K last Saturday. I watched him line up for the start....very unassuming. He placed himself about 5 people deep from the front, showing absolutely no attitude; nobody could have pegged him for the potential winner:) He was totally nondescript, and was dressed like an average jogger. After the start he quickly made his way to the immediate leader, and sat on that guy's shoulder for about 3/4 mile. Then after he got tired of that dude, he just put the hammer down and dusted the whole field on those hills! I think he ran a low 5 minute pace...very fast on that course. This young man is very special! Original comment By Tom Albright

Great kid. By Dannis Ryan

Yes he is Dennis Ryan. If I'd ever had times like his (especially at that age), I would have been strutting like a rooster, pawing like a racehorse with my toe exactly on the starting line, daring anyone to try to take me down:) By Tom Albrigh

No kidding, Tom. A stellar runner and a very genuine gentleman. By Gregory Keyes

Sounds like an amazing runner, and even better, a good kid. If only his parents could read your wonderful recap of his race. By Judy Falulkner

I ran into Habib on my run after the race yesterday evening. He said it was tough and hung with his group in the back. By Judy Falulkner

I added Wilhelm Gidabuday and Sydney Wilhelm Gidabuday to the list so they can appreciate Tom's commentary. By Gregory Keyes

I agree with all comments. By Craig Williams

"nobody could have pegged him for the potential winner". LOL really? By Bob Reinhart

Tom Albright Good point Bob Reinhart....if you are an experienced local racer, you would put your money on him...otherwise you might think we was just another young runner:) By Tom Albrigh

Of course any local racer knows how fast Sydney is; but I agree with Tom's original point: there's a lot to be said for being unassuming, cool, classy... and Wilhelm should be proud of his son for these traits as much or more than his running prowess. (I'm not trying to swell your head, Sydney. But you already know I'm a big fan.) By Gregory Keyes

Leon Laub Sydney's father Wilhelm was one of Cal Coast's super elites 10 -15 years ago. He won most local races. He now lives in Tanzania and takes care of family business. Sydney went through high school without having his parents here in the US. Coach and I are very proud of Sydney. At the State Championship meet Sydney committed to Adams State! That is a great fit for him and I'm sure he will continue to develop there. By Leon Laub

PHOTOS: Sydney with his dad (top), Sydney at age 2yrs (bottom right)

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