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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Police brutality against pastoral communities in Morogoro

Dreadful situation has occurred in Mvomero District of Morogoro Region, such police harassment

happen all the time but one known incident happened in Dihinda Village on December 12th 2015.

Pastoralist’s community dispatched a private investigator who found vivid evidence of how police are terrorizing their community for the interest of personal gains. Interestingly police are not acting alone; Mvomero District Commissioner is leading the syndicated criminal acts.

“We have been hearing about terrorist groups like Al ShabAab, Taliban and alike from the media; but guess what, here in Morogoro there is a terrorist group called MWANO, this militia group trains while covered up with black colored combats” Said one farmer who didn’t want his name revealed.  

What actually happened on December 12th 2015 in Dihinda village of Mvomero District? According to documents produced by someone who went to the area one week after the fact;

-        Mvomero DC in collaboration with Mvomero Police and local government administrators planned the deal with the aim of stealing / robbing Mr Shabadi Gidanyiny’s 262 Cows.

-        They employed the group called MWANO to do the job; Mwano Militia then conspired with one farmer who agreed to set off two heads of cattle to his piece of small land that had beans plants.

-        Mwano then took all the 262 cattle; they acted as (Local Police) POLISI JAMII. Mr Shabadi volunteered to compensate the farmer, he wanted to give him 5 cattle, but Mwano refused.

-        Mwano then instructed Mr Shabadi to pay Tsh 500,000 to Mwano, 200,000 to the farmer and 100,000 to Dihinda Village Office.

-        Shabadi hat to go find the money living his cattle to Mwanos, when he returned with the total of Tsh 800,000 more than half of his cattle are gone, that is when the fight started. Shabadi was accompanied with 25 youth.

-        One Mwano was killed and others injured, the Barbaig’s then left, the Mwano then returned to the remaining 79 cattle with machetes and axe, they started attacking innocent livestock.

-        December 13th 2015 the Barbaig warriors showed up with full blast war mentality to reclaim their fellow’s properties, and they were ready for anything under the sun.

-        They robbed some 113 wondering cattle on their way; police then arrived with full gear as well.

-        Unfortunately police (FFU) unit was overwhelmed by determined pluralists in which police had to run away living one of their officer behind injured with own police vehicle.

-        Pluralists then approached the abandoned officer, they took his weapons and two handset telephones, and they did not harm the officer as he was already broken on his legs.

This story is much bigger than you may imagine, all documents recorded at the scene may shock the nation and the world.

Stay tuned ………..!