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Monday, July 4, 2016

Tanzania Olymic Team: Sara Ramadhani adds the list

Sara Ramadhani in one of her victories
Tanzania Olympic Team is getting ready for this year's Summer Olympic Games scheduled to take place between August 5th 2016 and 21st August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Perfect gender balance has been equalized when Sara Ramadhani made the team to become the only woman to make the team for the runner’s side.

Sara Ramadhani has just been asked to join the team last week while her other teammates have been enjoying the training camp at West Kilimanjaro since January 2016.

It still not known how and why Sara Ramadhani missed to be in the camp all this time! The other Marathoners who are going to represent The Land of Kilimanjaro include Alphonce Felix Simbu, Said Juma Makula and Fabian Joseph Naasi.

The team will also include the Swimming and Judo who are being invited via Universality program.