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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rio Olympics: Tanzania awaits today as Olympic Marathon kicks-off in Rio

Rio Olympic Games are about to end but for Tanzanians the game is just about to start, that’s because the strongest Tanzania team was in the marathon event out of 28 other sports of which we needed to have competitors but we couldn’t do so!

Sara Ramadhani competed last Sunday and performed bad, today we have Alphonce Felix Simbu, Said Juma Makula and Fabian Joseph Naasi.
Alphonce Felix Simbu


DOB: February 14th 1992 (age 24)
Place of Birth: Mampando Village, Ikungi - Singida
School: Winning Spirit Secondary School
Highest Participation: 2015 World Championships - Beijing
Said Juma Makula
Personal Best: 2:09:19 – Lake Biwa Marathon 2016

DOB: August 1st 1994
Place of Birth: Kisuki Village - Singida
School: Kisaki Primary School
Fabian Joseph Naasi
Highest Participation: 2016 Daegu Marathon – South Korea
Personal Best: 2:12:01 – Daegu Marathon 2016

DOB: December 24th 1985
Place of Birth: Babati District - Manyara
School: Winning Spirit Secondary School
World Tittle: 2005 World Half Marathon Champion – Edmonton Canada
Highest Participation: 2004 / 2008 Olympic Games

Perhaps even before our convoy lined up in the streets of Rio de Janeiro later today; we should ask ourselves one or two questions;

(   How comes National Sports Council of Tanzania (NSC) is silent to the fact that other sports associations are not working hard to have their competitors attain qualification standards to compete at the Olympic Games?

(   How comes the media and critics are always ready to shower blames to Athletics Tanzania (AT) while AT has always been able to deliver our flag to the Olympic Village since 1964 Tokyo Olympics?

(   How comes the budget allocated to the Ministry involved with Sports is always smaller than what the government want sports men and women to deliver back from the largest sports arenas?

    Stay tuned ......

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