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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tennis body's acting president resigns

Fina Mango / Ex TTA President
Acting president of Tanzania Tennis Association (TTA) Fina Mango has resigned from her post citing being busy with other engagements as the main reason.
Mango was elected vice president of TTA but was acting president after Methusela Mbajo resigned three years ago.
In a letter dated December 10, 2015 addressed to National Sports Council (NSC) and TTA secretary general William Kallaghe, Mango said she has resigned from her post due to engagements with personal and other issues.
  “This is to inform you that from today (December 10, 2015 ) I have resigned from my post as acting president of TTA…I wish the association all the best,” said part of the letter.
Mango on Monday could not answer her cell phone when we wanted to know from her, only to send a short message later that she is busy.
Yesterday she could also not answer her mobile phone.
Efforts to have confirmation from TTA secretary general William Kallaghe on the development proved futile on Monday and yesterday.
When contacted on Monday he said he was very busy and promised to call back but he never did and yesterday he could not pick up his phone.
“I am busy in my office. I am with people here, I promise to call you back once I am through,” he said on Monday.
However, Kallaghe’s assistant Joshua Mutare yesterday confirmed to have seen the resignation letter from Mango and described the move as welcome to the development of the sport in the country.
“Yes, I have seen her resignation letter. Actually she did not send it to me directly, it was copied to me by our secretary general William Kallaghe.
“To me her resignation brings two feelings. The first one it means she has failed to run the sport in the country and the best way is to resign, the second feeling is that what she did (resigning) is a relief to tennis in the country.
“Remember that during her leadership the sport was in big trouble. There was no progress, it was all controversies,” he said.
He said TTA officials will meet soon to discuss the way forward as they cannot run the association without the president and vice-president.
“For sure, we need to amend our constitution so that we can have the president and vice-president to run the association because we cannot live like this,” he said.   
TTA executive member Hassan Kassim also confirmed that Kallaghe called him to inform him on the development.
 Some sections in TTA were accusing Mango and company of not doing enough to improve the sport in the country and she was also being accused of nepotism.
 Despite all the controversies in TTA during the Mango rule there are many developmental projects which she undertook. 
One of them being the introduction of rankings for local junior players where the names of those ranked were being remitted to the International Tennis Federation (ITF/CAT)
It was also during her time when many local junior players competed at international events and also the country managed to host the East and Central Africa Tennis Junior Championships.
Mango and company took over the leadership of TTA from Inga Njau in 2013.

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